H&M Bus Company is a family owned bus company with facilities in Princes Georges County Maryland. We have been in business for over 35 years. We operate a fleet of modern motor coaches with seating capacities of 47 to 56 passengers.

H&M Bus Company takes great pride in providing top quality charter bus services by paying close attention to every detail. From trip logistics to the maintenance of the coaches, everything is double-checked to assure that each customer gets the quality service they have come to expect from H&M Bus Company.

Our full size motor coaches can accommodate 47 to 56 passengers. Standard features include soft reclining seats, panoramic windows, individual lighting, climate control and convenient rest rooms. Optional amenities such as color video systems, stereo and luxury and relaxation.

Our drivers are trained professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest ride possible for their passengers. As qualified Interstate drivers, they meet a multitude of rigorous Federal Standards. For example, on a regular basis, driving records are checked and drivers must pass a physical exam which includes drug screening.

Please consider our services when planning your next group outing or event!